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We have the widest selection of Uwell vape coils available online, including replacement coils for the Caliburn pod kit and Uwell Crown tank series. Famous for its superior hardware, Uwell is an expert in both MTL and sub-ohm coils, such as the Uwell mesh coils. The newest Uwell coils will always be available, along with replacements for kits and tanks like the Nunchaku and Crown 3 that are no longer manufactured. 

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UWELL - CROWN III - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£5.50 GBP
Buy a 4 pack of genuine sealed replacement Uwell Crown 3 atomizer & coils heads for use with the latest Uwell Crown 3 Tank from a authorised UK Uwell agent. Coils are...
UWELL - WHIRL - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£3.50 GBP
The Uwell Whirl Replacement Coils are made for the UWELL WHIRL Kit and the WHIRL Sub-Ohm Tank, featuring a 0.6ohm NiChrome coil that is rated for 18W to 22W, offering optimal flavor and...
UWELL - VALYRIAN - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£3.20 GBP
The coils for the Valyrian tank have been crafted to increase flavour and vapour production from the tank. This quad coil design gives you the resistance of 0.15Ω and is...
UWELL - VALYRIAN II - COILS - Vapewholesalesupplier


£5.50 GBP
The Uwell Valyrian 2 Replacement Coil are a set of meshed coils crafted for the Uwell Valyrian 2 Sub-Ohm tank, integrating a threaded coil installation method, a variety of mesh internal coils, and features...
UWELL - NUNCHAKU - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£6.50 GBP
Uwell Nunchaku Coils are made for special use with the Uwell Nunchaku Kit. These coils introduce the Pro-FOCS Coil with a plug-pull mechanism. It ensures an ergonomic replacement process. Available...
UWELL - CROWN IV - COILS - Vapewholesalesupplier


£5.50 GBP
The Uwell Crown 4 IV Replacement Coils offers a highly advanced atomizer technology, featuring SS904L material and double helix mesh designs with self-cleaning technology. Features the FeCrAl UN2 Coil, SS304...

Continual Production of Vapor 

Use Uwell Coils to produce vapor smoothly and consistently. These coils produce a pleasing vapor density without compromising taste quality since they are made to strike a balance between cloud formation and flavor intensity.


 Bid adieu to often changing coils. Uwell Coils are made to last, making use of premium components and cutting-edge building methods to increase coil longevity. Take pleasure in longer vaping sessions without having to worry about early coil burnout.


To accommodate a variety of vaping devices and tastes, Uwell provides a wide selection of coil alternatives. There is a Uwell Coil designed to suit your demands, whether you prefer temperature control, mouth-to-lung (MTL), or sub-ohm vaping.

Reputable Company

 In the vaping market, Uwell is a reputable brand that is well-known for its dedication to quality, innovation, and client pleasure. Selecting Uwell Coils means making an investment in a company that values quality and dependability.

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What are Uwell coils?

Uwell coils are the heating elements used in Uwell brand vaping devices. These coils are designed to vaporize e-liquid, producing the vapor that users inhale.

What types of coils does Uwell offer?

Uwell offers a variety of coil options to suit different vaping preferences. This includes standard coils, mesh coils, and coils designed for temperature control vaping.

How do I know which coil is compatible with my Uwell device?

It's essential to check your device's user manual or the manufacturer's website for compatibility information. Uwell provides compatibility details for each coil type, ensuring you choose the right one for your device.

How often should I change my Uwell coil?

The lifespan of a Uwell coil depends on factors such as usage frequency, e-liquid type, and vaping habits. Generally, coils should be replaced every 1-4 weeks or when you notice a decline in vapor production or flavor quality.