Welcome to Vape Area Wholesale, quite literally, will never allow a fire to go out! To keep you enjoying your smokes, Vape Area Wholesale offers a vast selection of wholesale lighters and ashtrays at deeply discounted wholesale costs.

We carry a wide variety of lighters, including refillable electronic lighters, disposable gas lighters, pocket lighters, and lighters with Car themes. We provide a selection of ashtrays to make it simple and safe for you to get rid of your cigarette buts. Additionally, we provide smoking accessories and lighters to suit any taste.
Now go find that item that you really want to bring home. Vape Area Wholesale guarantees the best deals available!

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Broad Product Selection

Vape Area Wholesale provides a huge assortment of ashtrays and lighters to suit different tastes and fashions. Items range from themed designs to pocket lighters.

Reasonably priced wholesale

Vape Area Wholesale guarantees affordable smoking accessories without sacrificing quality thanks to its lowered wholesale prices.

High-quality Materials

Whether it's an exquisite ashtray or a refillable electronic lighter, every product is made from sturdy materials that ensure lifetime and dependability.

Customer-Centric Service

Vape Area Wholesale places a high priority on client pleasure by providing a smooth online buying experience, complete with user-friendly interfaces and effective shipping services.

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Are refillable lighters available?

Indeed, We provide refillable choices to ensure long-term use and sustainability.

Do you provide discounts for large purchases?

Yes,! Customers can purchase in bulk at Vape Area Wholesale because of its discounted wholesale prices.

Is it easy to clean the ashtrays?

Smokers may be assured of ease and hygienic conditions with our easily cleaned ashtrays.

How can I speak with customer service?

For any questions or help, please contact our friendly customer service team by phone or email.