Vaporesso Coils

In terms of revolutionary coil technology, Vaporesso is at the forefront. Their CCELL coils are built on a cutting-edge porous ceramic wick that has a stronger flavor and a high burn resistance. These coils work better than ordinary coils and may be used with a variety of Vaporesso tanks as well as tanks from other manufacturers. All are produced with exacting precision and uniform quality to ensure that your e-liquid has the same flavor every time you replace them. Available for all power levels and preferences in a variety of resistances, wire, and wicking types. Vaporesso offers a wide range of alternatives, so do get in touch with us if you're not sure which coils you require. 

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VAPORESSO - TARGET MINI 2 - COILS - Vapewholesalesupplier


£4.99 GBP
These coils are compatible with the new Vaporesso Target Mini 2 Kits and VM Tanks. They will fit into your older devices, such as the Veco and Tarot Nano, too! EUC CCELL has a...
VAPORESSO - OC ORCA - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£4.99 GBP
Vaporesso OC Replacement Coils is special designfor Vaporesso Orca Solo Kit, which is constructed intwo variants, ceramic to optimize for better flavourand traditional for better throat hit. Orca CCELL coiloffers...
VAPORESSO - GTX - COILS - Vapewholesalesupplier


£7.00 GBP
Introducing the new Vaporesso GTX Coils (5-Pack) featuring meshed heating element to deliver a rapidly even heating coil structure 7 resistance options. Comes in a pack of five (5).
VAPORESSO - GT - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£4.99 GBP
GT Core is the famous coil series for everyone! It is available in Ceramic and Traditional Cotton. In GT Core family, you can get along well with the coils available, because there...
VAPORESSO - EUC CERAMIC - COILS - Vapewholesalesupplier


£5.50 GBP
The Vaporesso EUC Ceramic Replacement Coils are 100% authentic! These replacement coils are ideal for vaping with a resistance of 0.3, 0.5 or 0.6 ohms and are the best replacement...

Broad Range

Vaporesso provides a wide variety of coil choices to accommodate varying vaping styles. Vaporesso offers a variety of coil options for temperature control, including conventional coils, mesh coils, and specialized coils.

Reliable Performance

Bid farewell to inconsistent vapor production and dry hits. Every time you take a draw, Vaporesso coils are designed to provide a dependable vaping experience.


Vapers who may own various devices will find Vaporesso coils to be versatile and convenient as they are designed to be compatible with a wide range of Vaporesso devices.

Reliable Brand 

In the vaping business, Vaporesso is a reputable brand that is well-known for its commitment to both quality and client pleasure. Selecting Vaporesso coils means going with a company that vapers all over the world trust and rely on.


What are Vaporesso coils?

Vaporesso coils are replaceable heating elements designed specifically for Vaporesso brand tanks and atomizers. They are integral components of vaping devices, responsible for heating e-liquid to produce vapor.

How do Vaporesso coils work?

Vaporesso coils work by conducting electricity from the battery of the vaping device, which heats the coil's wire. This heat then vaporizes the e-liquid absorbed by the coil's wicking material, creating the inhalable vapor.

What types of Vaporesso coils are available?

Vaporesso offers a variety of coil options to suit different vaping preferences, including traditional cotton coils, ceramic coils, and mesh coils. Each type offers unique benefits such as enhanced flavor, longevity, or vapor production.

How often should I change my Vaporesso coil?

The frequency of coil changes depends on factors such as vaping habits, e-liquid composition, and coil type. Generally, coils should be replaced every 1-4 weeks or when flavor and vapor production noticeably decline.