Juicy Wave

The Juicy Wave disposable vape offers the best vaping experience possible. With its innovative design and over 15000 puffs of pure enjoyment, this device guarantees it all. You may taste two flavors from one device thanks to its adjustable mouthpiece. The rich flavor is maintained through to the very end because of the device's two 12ml tanks. The digital display, which provides real-time updates on battery life and liquid levels, removes the need for guesswork. Vapers need to have it because it is easily rechargeable via USB.

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Juicy wave 15000 Disposable Puff Pod Device - 20 MG - Box of 10

Juicy wave 15000 Disposable Puff Pod Device - 20 MG - Box of 10

£58.99 GBP
Experience the ultimate in vaping with the Juicy wave 15,000 Puff  Disposable Vaporizer. This device offers a unique blend of style and innovation, delivering over 15,000 puffs of pure enjoyment with...

Dual Tanks

The Juicy Wave 15000 puff disposable vape stands out thanks to its dual-tank design, which lets you taste two different flavors simultaneously without carrying around extra devices. You may easily swap between flavors with this unique function, depending on your preferences or mood at any given time.

Dual Flavors

This vaporizer provides an unparalleled and adaptable vaping experience thanks to its dual-flavor capacity. You can savor a range of flavor combinations all within the same gadget, regardless of your preference for the sweetness of fruits or the richness of sweets. This function offers excitement and flexibility, turning every puff into a joyful surprise.

Visual Display 

With the visual screen display, which offers crucial information quickly, you can maintain control. Keep an eye on your device's battery life in real-time to make sure you never run out of power unexpectedly. Keep track of the amount of e-liquid left as well, so you can swap flavors or replenish before the e-liquid runs out. Your vaping sessions will be more convenient and worry-free thanks to this user-friendly feature.

Mesh Coil Design for Unmatched Flavour

The Juicy Wave's mesh coil design, which is built to produce unmatched flavor intensity, will elevate your vaping experience. Every puff is full of flavor because to the mesh coil's optimization of surface area and heat dispersion.

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Is it possible to change flavors using the dual-tank system?

Indeed, the dual-tank design gives you the opportunity to enjoy two distinct flavors on the same device, giving you more options and variety when vaping.

How can I determine when to top off the e-liquid or recharge the device?

When it comes to battery life and e-liquid capacity, the visual screen display conveniently provides real-time updates, so you always know when to replenish or recharge.

Can the mesh coils be changed out?

No, built-in mesh coils are a standard feature of the Juicy Wave disposable vaporizer, ensuring excellent flavor production for the duration of the device.

Is there a rechargeable Juicy Wave device?

Yes, customers who are always on the go will find it convenient that the device can be conveniently recharged using a regular USB port.