Geekvape Coils

You're sure to find what you need with options that support GeekVape's current line of tanks and kits as well as Geekvape replacement coils for tanks that are no longer in production. The widest selection of GeekVape coils available online is carried by Vape Area Wholesale, which also offers replacement coils for GeekVape tanks from previous models. We have a wide range of MTL coils and GeekVape sub ohm coils available, so you're covered. 

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GEEKVAPE - MESH Z - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£6.50 GBP
The Geek Vape Zeus Mesh Z Replacement Coils are a set of kanthal meshed heating element coil atomizers built for the new Geek Vape ZEUS Sub-Ohm Tank, the latest variant in the...
Geekvape G Replacement Coils - 5Pack - Vapeareawholesale

Geekvape G Replacement Coils - 5Pack

£7.50 GBP
Geekvape G Series Coils is specially designed for Geekvape Wenax C1 Pod Kit 950mAh and Geekvape G18 Starter Pen Kit. There are 1.2Ω S and 1.8Ω Coil for you. Each pack...
GEEKVAPE - SUPERMESH - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£6.50 GBP
Pack of 5 original replacement Geek Vape X1 KA1 mesh coils 0.2 Ohm. Wattage range 30-90W (ideal 60-80W). Exceptional flavour that lasts for ages. The Super Mesh coils feature single...
GEEKVAPE - NS - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£5.50 GBP
Geekvape NS Coil is specially designed for the Geekvape Frenzy Pod Kit. It comes with 1.6ohm, 0.7ohm and 1.2 Ohm coil resistance and food-grade organic cotton, which brings clean and...
GEEKVAPE - MESHMELLOW - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£4.95 GBP
Meshmellow coil utilizes high-grade cotton which is imported from Egypt that lasts longer and produces the purest flavour from the very first inhale. MeshMellow coils utilize mesh heating element (both...
GEEKVAPE - SUPER MESH - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£7.99 GBP
These genuine Super Mesh coils for the GeekVape Cerberus Sub-Ohm Tank (they also fit the GeekVape Shield and Aero Sub Ohm Tanks) are the finest coils available for this tank...
GEEKVAPE - IM - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£7.99 GBP
Geek Vape IM Coil - IM1 Coil The iM1 Coil with a resistance range of 40-70W. Geek Vape IM Coil - IM4 Coil The iM4 Coil with a resistance range...

Enhanced Taste

The capacity of Geekvape coils to improve e-liquid flavor is one of their distinguishing features. Geekvape coils are designed to enhance the subtleties of every flavor profile, whether you enjoy strong fruit flavors or creamy desserts. This guarantees a fulfilling hit with every puff.

Broad Range 

A wide variety of coils are available from Geekvape to accommodate various vaping tastes. There is a Geekvape coil for every type of vaper, ranging from mouth-to-lung single-coil setups to complex multi-coil settings for cloud chasing fanatics.


Vape Area Wholesales offers a wide range of Geekvape coils to guarantee compatibility with your setup, regardless of whether you use Geekvape tanks or other compatible devices. This implies that you won't have any trouble finding the ideal coil for your gadget.

Competitive Rates

 Geekvape coils are reasonably priced at Vape Area Wholesales, so you can enjoy excellent vaping without going over budget. In the long term, purchasing in bulk from a wholesaler like Vape Area can help you save even more money.


What are Geekvape coils?

Geekvape coils are replaceable heating elements designed for use in Geekvape brand atomizers and tanks. They are essential components of vape devices responsible for vaporizing e-liquid into inhalable vapor.

What types of coils does Geekvape offer?

 Geekvape offers a variety of coil options to cater to different vaping styles and preferences. These may include single, dual, and mesh coil configurations, each with unique performance characteristics.

How do I know which coil is compatible with my Geekvape device?

A: Compatibility typically depends on the specific atomizer or tank model. Refer to the product specifications or packaging to ensure you select coils compatible with your device.

How often should I change Geekvape coils?

Coil lifespan can vary based on factors such as usage frequency, e-liquid composition, and power settings. Generally, it's recommended to replace coils when flavor quality diminishes or you experience decreased vapor production.