Innokin Coils

With unmatched quality and creativity, Innokin has established itself as a leader in the vaping industry, and their selection of coils and pods reflects this. Vapestore carries Innokin coils that are ideal for all types of vapers. They can be used with High-VG e-liquids for Sub-Ohm enthusiasts who enjoy chasing clouds, or with High-PG, Nic Salt, or 50/50 e-liquids for Classic MTL aficionados.

We have pods for the stylish Innokin Klypse Pod Kit in addition to coils for the well-liked Endura series, the dependable Prism coils, and the adaptable Innokin Sceptre tank. The innovative effort of Innokin, a company renowned for its reliable performance, user-friendly designs, and sturdy build quality, has culminated in these devices over the course of more than ten years.


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INNOKIN - T18E - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£5.00 GBP £3.00 GBP
This 1.5 ohm and 1.7Ohm coils are designed to be used MTL (mouth to lung) which makes it a great option for new vapers or those looking for a discreet...
INNOKIN - PRISM S - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£4.50 GBP
Innokin Prism S Replacement Coil (5/pack) Replacement coils for the Innokin Endura T20S tank as found on the EZ Watt Kit 0.8ohm coils have a wattage rating between 16-18w1.5ohm coils...
INNOKIN - Z - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£5.60 GBP
These Innokin Zenith Replacement Coils are specifically designed for use with-in the Innokin Zenith Tank. These coils are long lasting and deliver a great amount of flavour and can be...
INNOKIN - T20 - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£4.50 GBP
Pack of five coil heads for the Innokin Endura T20 tank Available in 1.5ohm resistance Organic cotton wick These Innokin T20 coils are for use with the Innokin Endura T20...
INNOKIN - T18 - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£3.99 GBP
This version of the Innokin Prism Coil has been designed to fit the Endura T22 and Endura T18 vape tanks only. There is another model available to fit the T22E...
INNOKIN - SLIPSTREAM - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£5.50 GBP
Power your Innokin Slipstream tank with revolutionary bottom feeding replacement coils with Innokin Slipstream Replacement Coil heads. This 5-Pack of coils puts a conscise focus on flavor with a new...
INNOKIN - SCION - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£5.50 GBP
The Innokin Scion replacement coils are designed to be used with the Scion tank. Ideal for vapers who like to directly inhale, these coils can produce large clouds of vapour...
INNOKIN - JEM - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£3.99 GBP
Designed to provide intense flavour and be long-lasting, the Innokin Jem Coils have a simple screw on fitting which makes them super easy to fit and replace. With a thick...
INNOKIN - ISUB BVC - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£4.50 GBP
 Innokin iSub flavours sweet and strong with an authentic atomizer replacement from this iSub KAL BVC Coil selection. These bottom vertical coils (BVC) use Kanthal wire which have been developed...
INNOKIN - ISUB - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£3.79 GBP
The Innokin iSub Coils 0.5 ohm (5 Pack) is a pack of five iSub replacement coils for the Innokin iSub Tank. Just like the ones that come with the iSub...
INNOKIN - ICLEAR - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£4.50 GBP
Innokin iClear 16 Replacement Coil fits for iClear 16 Clearomizer. 4 wicks designed that makes the dual coil get enough e-juice and bring a great flavor. You can remove the coil...
INNOKIN - AXIOM M21 COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£6.50 GBP
The Innokin Axiom M21 replacement coils are designed for use with Innokin's compact Axiom M21 Tank, as well as the Kroma-A Axiom Kit. There are two versions of this coil...
INNOKIN - AJAX - COILS - Vapeareawholesale


£4.50 GBP
Discovering the Innokin AJAX Replacement Coils, a set of crafted coils made for the Innokin AJAX Sub-Ohm Tank, presenting a mesh style heating element, efficient cotton wicking medium, and possesses micro-grooves on the...
Innokin Prism T18E Replacement Coils - Pack of 5 - Vapeareawholesale

Innokin Prism T18E Replacement Coils - Pack of 5

£3.80 GBP
The Prism T18E 1.7Ohm coils are designed to be used MTL (mouth to lung) which makes it a great option for new vapers and those looking for full of flavor....

Superior Quality

 As Innokin is well known for its dedication to quality, its coils are no different. These coils provide you greater value for your money because they are precisely crafted from premium materials and guarantee constant performance and longevity.

Best Possible Flavor Production 

Flavor is one of the main characteristics of a fantastic vaping experience, and Innokin Coils shine in this area. These coils, which are made to improve the flavor profile of e-liquids, provide deep, complex flavors with each draw, letting you enjoy your favorite mixes to the fullest.

Calm Vapor Generation 

Bid farewell to sharp impacts and inconsistent vapor generation. The purpose of Innokin Coils is to provide a consistent, tasty, and dense stream of vapor that makes vaping smooth and enjoyable. These coils provide the performance you desire whether you prefer to vape straight to the lung or mouth to the lung.

Broad Compatibility

A compatible coil is ready for you, regardless of the Innokin gadget you own. From starter kits to advanced setups, Innokin offers a diverse range of coils to suit different preferences and vaping styles. In addition, Vape Area Wholesales' vast selection makes it simple to get the coils you require at affordable costs.

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What are Innokin coils?

Innokin coils are replacement heating elements designed for use in various Innokin vaping devices. They are crucial components responsible for vaporizing e-liquid to produce inhalable vapor.

How do I know when to replace my Innokin coil?

It's time to replace your Innokin coil when you notice a decrease in vapor production, a burnt taste, or if you experience leaking or gurgling from your device. Generally, coils have a lifespan ranging from one to four weeks, depending on usage habits and e-liquid composition.

Which Innokin coil is compatible with my device?

Innokin manufactures a range of coils tailored to specific devices and vaping styles. Consult your device's user manual or the official Innokin website for compatibility information. Additionally, many coil packages are labeled with compatible device models.

How do I prime an Innokin coil?

Priming your coil is essential to prevent dry hits and extend its lifespan. To prime, apply a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the exposed cotton wicking material of the coil. Then, install the coil into your tank and fill the tank with e-liquid. Let it sit for a few minutes to ensure the coil is fully saturated before vaping.